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Jo is our ray of sunshine! Their positive and sweet personality radiates
warmth throughout the salon. Jo’s personal style ranges from simple
to complex; depending on the day they could be more gothic, or skater,
or even a light fairy look. No matter what they wear, it brings a fun style
to Bellissimo.

In Jo’s free time, they love spending time with their partner Wilford, 3 kitties
and all the other little creatures that share their home. Jo loves collecting
oddities, such as bones, preserved insects/creatures and knickknacks. They
also enjoy hiking, playing video games, lazy TV days and reading.

Specialties include: shags, mullets and vivid coloring. Jo nails any type of
hair style, but primarily works on alternative styles. One uncommon technique
Jo uses, involves a straight razor for haircuts. This gives Jo a lot of freedom
with the haircut and provides a very textured, blended cut.

If Jo sounds like the stylist for you book now!


Service Pricing

Bang trim: $15
Clipper Cut/Extra Short: $45
Short Cut (Above Ear): $55
Medium Cut (Below Cheekbone- Above Collarbone): $60
Long Cut (Below Collarbone-Above Midback): $65
Extra Long Cut (Below Midback): $75

Extra Services:
Shampoo Style/Blowout: $40
Hair treatment: $25
(Treatment is already included in all lightening service base prices)
Toner/Gloss: $25

Color Services:
All services are listed as base price, for an accurate price please book consultation
Single Process Color (Root Touch up, All Over Color): $85 and Up
Bleach and Tone touch up (1inch roots): $150
Partial Foil: $150 and Up
Full Foil: $185 and Up
Partial Balayage: $150 and Up
Full Balayage: $185 and Up

New clients are required to book a consultation before booking the following services

Vivid Coloring/Double Process: $125hr (Minimum 3hrs)
Color Correction: $150hr

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